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“for your comfort and enjoyable holidays around Himalayan destinations”

Jugal Holidays welcomes all wide-world travelers to join in our ever exciting program and adventure activities from moderate, adventurous to challenging treks and climb or delightful tour around best heritage sites steeped with culture and colorful custom.

Jugal Holidays Pvt Ltd a native adventure and tour companies of Nepal based in the heart of capital Kathmandu, established decade ago run and managed by expert tourism expertise with professional guides who have been in tourism industry for more than ten years.
All staff and guides born and bred on laps of high Himalaya range, been very active since the company operated offering wide-range of adventure and cultural holidays around Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet including Northern India Himalaya.

Jugal Holidays Pvt Ltd for safe and secure with money-worth of trips to offer our valued clients, the company registered and approved by Nepal Government Tourism Department as well from TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal), associated with NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association), PATA (Pacific Area Tourism Association) a member of NATTA (Nepal Association for Travel and Tour Agency) in connection with NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) and with various agencies related to Eco-Tourism.

All our guides are well trained with medical and First-Aid course if required on treks around remote Himalayan destinations, with great knowledge of flora-fauna, local culture, history with various religions and custom of the country of travel.

Responsible Tourism

Jugal Holidays Pvt Ltd not only runs and organizes treks and tours we are totally committed in helping local rural poor villages on route to designated destination providing educational materials to school children, welfare of the villagers and maintaining hygiene, clean drinking water as well making the trail in good condition.

Ecological Impact

We conduct all our trips with a vigilant rye to avoid any disturbance to the local ecology. We continuously strive to make sure travelling with us has minimum impact on the local environment.   

Social/Cultural Impact

We operate commercially in the Eco-Tourism sector of the industry and perserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustanable tourism.

Innovations Practices

We work continuosly in descovering within the country. We have initiated cleaning campaigns to raise hygiene and environment awareness in the villages.         

Economic Impact

We emphasize on making extensive use  of the available local products and enhance maximum economic benefits to the local communities by supporting various rural development products.

Social Work

We also run volunteer services to needy remote farm villages and helping to support and uplift the villagers including keeping the local environment green and pristine, as we all have responsible to preserve the local culture, green forest and vegetation from further destruction.

  • Monthly 1 Day Jugal Welfare Day       
  • Unto 2% of profit goes to Orphanage/ Needy people           
  • Natural Destruction Volunteering Work   
  • Association with other Social organization to help in Education and Health Sector.        

Why Jugal Holidays:

Jugal Holidays Pvt. Ltd  team specializes in multi day tour and adventure trekking with personal touch. Our team was found by people with proven years of experience who have gained knowledge about geography and the culture of the place. This help us to provide with the deep insightful adventure.

We are committed in providing you with adventures of unsurpassed value, both personally and culturally. The staffs of Jugal Holidays have walked the trails, trekked the mountains, visited the sites, eaten the local food and wines and experienced the amazing wildlife safaris. The service, whether it is the outfitter in Nepal or the hotel, have all been put to the test by us. We only offer the best quality of services for your ultimate experience.

So when you join and book with us you are not only having good times as well supporting the cause that makes Jugal Holidays much different to other local hundreds of companies we always try our best a step further with our excellent services.

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